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Tape Backup Services in Los Angeles

Many companies across California choose to store backup copies of their data on magnetic tapes. Backup tapes offer a high-volume capacity for a low price. If your tapes store highly sensitive information, choosing a tape rotation, vaulting, and off-site storage service provider that meets your needs will greatly benefit your business.

Tape Rotation Services in LA

Backup Tape Storage and Rotation Services in Phoenix, AZ

Tape rotation services require a data backup administrator to choose how long tapes should be retained. Normally one tape is used to store data for each day, and once the last scheduled date has been reached, the cycle starts over and old tapes are overwritten and used to store new data. 

This cyclical process requires detailed tracking and extreme organization and reliability. Choosing a backup tape rotation service provider near you who is equipped to handle your needs will ensure your data is backed up thoroughly and stored safely.

Offsite Tape Storage Services in Los Angeles

Backup Tape Rotation and Storage Services in Los Angeles, CA

Backup tapes can be stored offsite in a high-security facility that houses tens of thousands of backup tapes. These facilities are climate controlled to protect your tapes from the elements. Additionally, they are designed to manage and track all backup tapes efficiently.

Offsite storage employees keep track of your tapes and data for you. If you’re in need of one of the tapes, then the facility can retrieve itquickly. The process is quick and painless. If you require immediate access to a tape stored offsite, emergency retrieval services are typically available.

No matter what your company faces—a system crippling virus, a natural disaster, or an accidental data mishap—tape rotation services will keep your data safe and make sure you can reboot your system quickly.

Find a Reliable Backup Tape Rotation and Storage Service Provider in California

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